I'm getting tired of the 'C' word. Watching and reading the news, talking with other seasonal and lease lot owners out here at Mussel Beach, the 'C' word is in the forefront. Yes, we watch whales out in the bay, sea lions, eagles, all gorging on the herring and the cycle of life, but that word keeps coming up...

Two meters! Have you been shopping? Had a shower lately?

So we walk the beach, collect firewood and plan for our tenuous summer season. Close friends and other 'Seasonals' run businesses and work for companies that are now shut down doing their part in keeping the 'C' word at bay. And as I'm sure it is in all parts of the country, (world, for that matter - weird to think of it as global) it's scary and gloomy.

I've spent a good portion of my time scouting FB and Instagram trying to stay abreast of friend's lives - Ellen is doing a Lego puzzle, Elton is making perogies... you get the picture, but as Danielle says, we're in LaLa land out here. The perfect place to isolate.

And that's another weird thing. We are in this together - globally - but friends have asked us if it's ok to come out and camp - and we've had to say no. That's weird. Not like us at all, but this 'C' thing has made us all fearful....

Where have you been? Who have you talked to? Do you have tequila?

So here we sit, having beach fires, wondering how we will make it if the season never opens. If you have to isolate, this is a great place. We are so friggin' isolated. Lucky us!

My heart goes out to the world. We're being positive and wishing nothing else but positive thoughts for everyone. So I hope everyone else is isolating themselves. We hear and see stories of people out there refusing to, but they need to take a look at China. They are just getting on their feet after fully imposed lockdown for 3 months. Communism helps in the enforcing of that, but still. Look's like we have a ways to go. Hang in there, people!

There, I did it.