So looking forward to my morning coffee. It's a beautiful day so far and zero degrees. Got a fire in the woodstove (our Cubic Mini Stove - Grizzly model), the diesel heater is pumping away and Danielle and I are planning on filling up the day with... who the hell knows. We'll find something.

Curtis mowed the grass in the field yesterday - great time to get out the weed-whacker and trim up the bush. (Talking about the field here, not the...well, that...)

Got Lemondrop moved yesterday - always a challenge, loading a camper, and unloading it, can be time-consuming. But we got it done, nobody got hurt and I have to say, it's pretty friggin' awesome.

hmmm, what else? Oh, did some crafting too. Hung up some driftwood wind chimes that our co-seasonal neighbor Lisa made...although I've never heard a sound from them. Danielle ran some faery lites through them which made them look soooo crafty!

We tried really hard to stay off CBC News. After hearing about what the predictions are for deaths in the US and Canada, we just felt "what the fuck?" Nobody we know has ever experienced anything like this. Maybe if you're 120, you might remember the Spanish Flu, but shit!

So yesterday we stayed busy, had a fire, ate really well thanks to my lovely wife and ended the day with a glass of scotch. Normally this leads to all kinds of debauchery: singing, dancing, spending time laughing with friends....but yesterday, it led to sleep.

Which was lovely! Thanks for reading.....